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Animated Chick Tracts Finding Many Uses


  In early 2009, I received a call from Brother Steve West who informed me that he and his wife Claudia were making a 3d animated DVD cartoon called “The Sissy”, which was after the Chick Tract of the same name. He also informed me that he had permission to do this from Jack Chick. Since we use Chick Tracts in our Mission to Truckers and Travelers, this was of great interest to me. They were interested in getting this out into circulation and distribution with the intent of providing this Gospel presentation in English, Spanish and German to the “whole world”, Mark 16:15. I let our Founder, Glenn Cope know about this, sent a copy to him to view and got his approval to work through the ministry with it. I informed Steve that if he could get me a master copy, I would have it duplicated and hopefully have it in time for the Louisville, KY Mid-America Truck Show in March that same year. We received the master copy and rights to duplicate it, had 1000 DVD’s made up with paper sleeves included and finished 2 days before leaving for the show. A side note is that we went without any hope of obtaining table space inside the show. An estimated 60,000 attendees were expected, and myself and friend to the ministry, Rev. Jesse Rivera, a bi-lingual Hispanic Pastor set out with Chick Tracts, table display, laptops, Gospel Coins, bumper stickers, magnetic signs cd’s and DVD’s, and a lot of prayer from our church with the intent of just offering materials through the crowd for free. Matt.10:8, “freely ye have received, freely give.”

            Upon arrival in Louisville, we got in touch with the show owner/coordinator, Toby Young, and he informed us there was no room. All participants were scheduled and in place. However, he informed us that if a Show Participant wanted to allow us to “set up” in their booth, he would not object, something that was against the rules and he was bending them. I believe at this point God took over, and that he was a Believer in Christ to allow this. As we were walking away, he said ”God Bless what you do.” We were there early and started to “seed” the show floors of 3 buildings with the Gospel Coins. These are an aluminum coin about 1 ¼” wide and ask on one side, “Where will you spend Eternity?” One the other side is John 3:16 spelled out. Normally we pass out about 3000 of these a month. We also informed the other ministries represented there what we intended to do.

            By the time we got to the 3rd building, the show was open and attendees were flocking all over the many displays. I became very tired and stopped next to an empty table to rest against. The booth was displaying antique fire trucks/cars. I got into a conversation with the person whose booth it was, Bill. After about 10 minutes, I asked Bill if anyone was using the table and could I set up my table display on it. He said he wasn’t using it, didn’t know why it was there, thought we were a good cause and if I wanted the back corner of his booth, go right ahead. This was on a 4 corner area right near all the other ministries in the show who had gotten booth space in advance. We set up a laptop with The Sissy DVD looping all the while through 3 days of show time. We handed out about 4000 Gospel Coins, many bumper stickers and magnetic signs, all Gospel, many Chick Tracts and over 700 DVD’s with The Sissy on it. We also had 18” x 24” plastic sign boards with “Believe on the Lord Jesus and thou wilt be Saved” on them. Drivers took these signs to place in their truck windshield at night when sleeping to witness to those passing by. We had quite a busy booth and the other 3 corner vendors remarked that they should have as many people flocking to their booths as we had, but didn’t. Prayer works and God Honored what Testimony was given out for Him I’m sure! As people came, they found the Gospel Coins on the table and remarked how they had found them laced all over the show and were glad for the testimony and witness. Even the custodians were glad to see this. In some shows they don’t allow the passing of tracts and coins. We had real freedom here to witness.

            We spoke with a few vendors at the show from Ireland, England, Poland, Russia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil and Canada. We found these folks to be Believers, asked them to carry the DVD to their country, have their church duplicate the DVD and start to pass them out. Since then I’ve also sent one copy to a trucker ministry in England, Australia, and 2 places in China which I can’t disclose to protect those missionaries in China. This is because the DVD now is in the Chinese Language. The folks I sent them to are producing it in the equivalent player to their country for viewing. After the show, I called Brother Steve to share the results with him and he was so excited about that that he gave me Brother Chick’s personal phone number to share the Good News with him, which I did. Brother Chick was real excited to hear how God was using this latest endeavor to get the Message of God’s Love and Salvation Plan out to drivers and travelers throughout all the world.

            Our ministry has placed these DVD’s in our chapels to hand out, placed it on a laptop and looped it so it will continually play while the Chaplain is there for any who come in, encouraged our Chaplains to hand these out to drivers and travelers with an explanation, and asked those folks to become ambassadors for Christ by passing them onto to others after they have viewed them, and we placed it on our TCCM website at http://www.TCCministries.org/spiritual-resources/audio-sermons . Our Mobile missionaries, full time truckers who operate under our authority in our mission, also pass along these DVD’s to drivers they are witnessing to. We’ve given them out to Church’s and Youth Groups to view also. To date, June 2012, TCCM has given away approximately 10,000 DVD’s and about 1000 of them include the new version with “Tiny Shoes” installed on it as well. We are handing them out to the Hispanic areas in NJ since Tiny Shoes deals with addictions and its effects on families. I keep a ready supply in my pickup and camper to hand out in Truck Stops and RV Parks. We’ve shared this with our local Salvation Army Corp in Perth Amboy, NJ for the after school kids and Hispanic community, as well as their Care House, a 24/7/365 Veteran’s Temporary Housing facility. 

            A regret is that we didn’t list a phone number or web site on the DVD to receive any feedback, however we’ve encouraged Brother Steve and Claudia to do so in the future. It’s unknown the impact these DVD’s has had on everyone and everywhere they have been sent, however God knows. He provided the first opportunities, and He says, “So shall My Word be that goeth forth out of My Mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” Isaiah 55:11 May God be praised for His Love, Grace and Mercy to all Nations, and may they seek the Lord while He may still be found.

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